Gangtok Hotels

Gangtok Hotels

To be set up in the middle of Himalayas, Gangtok is an admired hill station, facing the swash Ranikhola and third loftiest peak Kanchenjunga on the Eastern side. Gangtok is rich in graphic beauty that provides the trippers

with multitudinous lodestones each around. Commencing with the well- known 200 centuries old, Enchey Monastery, callers have innumerous other sightseeing choices then like Deorali Orchid Sanctuary,

Do- Drul Chorten and Namgyal Institute which came into actuality in 1958 and has largest book and exceptional script compendium of Buddhism in the world, Tashi Ling Monastery etc.

Gangtok hospices too are designedly located to offer the rubberneck with the fascinating and alluring views of the magnific peaks.

Sikkim Hotel Gangtok

Positioned in the centre of Eastern Himalayas is out of the ordinary destination in Gangtok the Capital of Sikkim, and large number of people crowd this place because of the beautiful views it offers.

Hotel Crystal Palace

Hotel Crystal Palace provides everything that a sightseer hunts for when you go for a vacation in the joyful regions of THE HIMALAYAS. Sited in the mecca of the city of GANGTOK and girdled by fascinating splendor on all sides, the hostel is only a little distance down from all the main lodestones .

The Silk Route Residency

Silk Route Residency is a stunning hostel where you can decompress yourself in the fineness of nature. positioned in a tranquil area, it’s an idyllic base to discover the exclusive nobility of Gangtok and going for a variety of touring passages.

The Sidon Residency

The luxurious Sidon Residency Hotel is impeccably positioned just many twinkles fromM.G.Marg.With several original lodestones in the vicinity The Sidlon Residency Hotel Gangtok is the just the right spot for business or rest leaves.

The Royal Plaza

The Royal Plaza is set up in the middle of lush green hilly home, spectacular decor and foggy mountains at Gangtok, the Capital of Sikkim. This comfort suitable hostel is idyllically placed and one of the stylish luxury hospices of Gangtok.

hostel Nor- Khill, Gangtok

The Nor- Khill hostel was constructed by the King of Sikkim in 1932 and is the oldest heritage hostel in Gangtok that’s notorious for the hospitality the staff has to offer and entertains callers like his godliness.

Hotel Golden Heights

Hotel Golden Heights Gangtok is a beautiful 3 star hostel deposited in the mecca of Gangtok city. Famous for its warmth and liberality, Hotel Golden Heights is concentrated in furnishing its guests the finest of amenities in terms of lodging, dining entertainment etc.















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